Keeping a gun at home can give you an indispensable sense of security that can be hard to give up. However, the truth is that it is also the cause of many home accidents. An object that you bought in order to keep you and your family safe can become a catalyst for a tragedy it was supposed to prevent. This is especially common at home with children in it. If you decide to keep a gun at home, you have a duty to make sure that it is being kept in the safest way possible. In this article, we will go over the most common steps of ensuring gun safety and we recommend that you do all of them.

Separate gun components

The most basic thing you can do is make sure that even if a gun is found by an unassuming family member then it won’t be able to fire on its own. For this, make sure the gun is always unloaded. Any bullets should be stored separately.

Talk to your family about gun safety

Talk to your family about the dangers of firearms. Make sure your children understand that real guns cause real damage, unlike when used in movies or video games. If they are old enough, it might be worth it to give them examples from real of how mishandling a gun at home led to an accident. These stories appear in the news all the time so you won’t have a difficult time finding some examples. Actually, you should have this talk with your children even if you don’t have guns at home – they might find themselves at a friend’s home that has guns in it so they should be aware of the danger.

Make sure your kids know what to do should they find a gun. Teach them to leave it alone and tell an adult about where they found it.

Use a gun lock

A gun lock is a safety device you put on your gun, kind of like a padlock. It serves as additional protection to prevent anyone else from using your gun. Depending on the model, they can be opened either with a simple key or by inputting the right number combination.

Use a gun safe

Every house with a gun inside should be equipped with a special gun safe. This is how you prevent other people from even laying a finger on your gun. Here you can find the best gun safe under 500.

There are many types of gun safes available. The cheapest one is the key lock type – this one can be opened by anyone as long as they have the right key. Next, you have combination locks. Combination locks require you to memorize the code but this ensures the way to open the gun safe is stored safely inside your head only. You can also get a biometric one. It’s the most expensive option but also considered to be the most secure. Biometric safes are opened by scanning the registered fingerprint.