Global Challenge Award Gaming Olympiad

We invite you to participate in Global Challenge Award’s very own Gaming Olympiad. This December, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark to craft a new global treaty on cutting emissions. Win our competition and you too can be part of this exciting event! You can participate in this round to be held between August and November 2009 if you are between 13 and 18 years and live at one of Pune, India, state of Vermont USA, City of Chicago, USA or Israel.

The number 350 ppm (parts per million) is the level scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. Our contest seeks to “Educate and Engage Youth to Take Action, be Change Agents and Save the World on their Way to College”.

At each individual site mentioned above, the competition will have 3 rounds with rewards for all participants and special rewards for winners of each round. First round involves playing 5 computer games on climate change developed by Global Challenge Award and its partner Neeti Solutions. Top scorers move to round 2 where you learn about games design and are required to submit an original idea of yours on a climate change game. Youth with top ideas move to round 3 where you play a game, which assists you in creating your own presentation of the facts, warning signs and impacts of Climate Change. You then make a case in front of a panel of judges why your presentation should win and you
might just find yourself in Copenhagen this December!

India Chapter- GO-DaC

The pilot phase of this gaming olympiad is being launched in Pune, India. The competition/olympiad will be
• a computer based gaming competition,
• with minimal fees of INR 150/-,
• first round of which will be held in Pune, India,
• starting from 4th Saturday (22nd) of August 2009,
• winners of which will be given an opportunity to participate in the ‘International Climate Action Day’ to be held in Copenhagen on 24th October, 2009, i.e. the World Climate Day.

GO-DaC first round (350 ppm) has been post-poned owing to concerns that have come into picture due to Swine flu. 350 ppm will start from either 5th September 2009 or 12th September 2009.
Deadline for registration has been extended to last week of August.

We also appreciate the infrastructure help being provided by Capgemini India for our competition.

830 registrations have already taken place. Go get your form soon!

Israel Chapter- GO-350

GO-DaC is also being started in Israel on 15th September 2009. The pattern of the competition will be the same. We shall let you know more details of this competition soon!